SANE backend / Tools for Canon USB Scanners
for Linux and *BSD

We need informations about other Canon scanners.
The following informations are needed.


5/11/2002 Linux tool for Canon 1220U scanners (module canon) now scans at 300dpi with much better quality.
3/10/2001a driver for FreeBSD is available from CVS repository. (ucanoscan/FreeBSD-driver)
Scanning tool was also updated.
2/28/2001ucanoscan was added on CVS repository.


Two programs are available.
"ct" is a test scan program for 1220U. This is a program for Linux.
"ucanoscan" is a scan utility for FB1210U. Currently it only works on FreeBSD.

Source Files

Source files are available from CVS repository.
Run cvs as below.

cvs login
cvs -z3 co modulename
modulename can be "canon"(ct) or "ucanoscan".
For more detail, see guide page for CVS Access.



SANE backend for Canon scanners :
Backend for SCSI scanners. Some same commands are supported in USB scanner.

USB Snoopy :
Snoop the USB transfer information on Win98. For development of "ucanoscan", packet structure and hex dumps were logged with this tool.

FB-330P/630 :
drivers for parallel scanners FB-330/630P

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Vladimir Dergachev <>
Iwasa Kazmi <>

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